Betty Romero González/English Coordinator

A second language represents a challenge in itself, and this school year we had to add more challenges. In the beginning, both parents and teachers were afraid of not knowing what challenges were going to be presented to us and if we would be able to solve them.

This school year the children have shown enormous resilience. The Tierra Nueva children have continued to practice habits and values, which have helped them to have a positive attitude towards work and continue to give their best effort despite the situation.

Regarding the subject of English, the children have shown incredible progress during the integrative project, where we were able to observe them become more confident with the language. They understand it and know how to answer simple questions according to their age.

Our third graders are already beginning to read sentences in English and you can see the excitement this provokes in them. We must not underestimate this stage. I believe that this stage allows us to provide the opportunity for the students to obtain greater benefits and skills. A child who has a good foundation will have an easier way when it comes to building his future.

I graciously thank the parents for their enthusiastic commitment to their children’s education. Thanks to them combined with the vocation of our teachers, this school year has been a successful progressive year for all.