It has been a year since we were asked to go home and start working on line; and nobody realized all the problematic we had to struggle with.

Nobody was ready to work online; none of the schools, teachers, students, or parents; because it was much more than connect online. The challenge was to provide students with the same standard of education they expect from our school.

Despite the situation we were living, we got an advantage, for years our students are used to be working with laptops in class, and the teachers have been planning on digital classes; in addition, an efficient and reliable platform supports all the classes. So that, instead of seeing it as a problem, we took it as an opportunity to grow and to do things better and more conscious.

Through this quarantine, we have experienced difficulties such as internet connection, failing cameras, etc. Nevertheless, I recognize the great attitude of most of the students toward classes where they have acted with more resilience, autonomy, tolerance, compromise, among others. 

It has not been that easy, we have faced many problems, but the motivation of our students inspires us to work with passion.

Armando Macías Hernández/English Coordinator