Armando Macías Hernández
English Coordinator

Some years ago, the English in the life of every student was an advantage; now, it is a necessity. Nowadays, we are facing new generations, new competences, and new challenges.

At Colegio Tierra Nueva, we have transformed the English Learning Process. We have been working efficiently with the four skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking); however, we incorporate a fifth skill, ¨Critical Thinking¨, which reinforces the ability of problem-solving, fosters independence, enhances creativity, and makes our students more analytical in a more demanding and complex world.

English at Jr. High and High School is not only a language, but a vehicle to communicate in different ways. It is an endless experience where students express their creativity, innovation, and dynamism as well as collaborative work in every CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) project they develop, among many other activities they live through the year.

Conferences, workshops, debates, entrepreneurial projects, and an innovative business program make our students live a huge business experience that allow them to have a wide vision and knowledge of how to begin their own business and succeed.

In addition, Cambridge Certifications such as PET (Preliminary English Test) and FCE (First Certificate in English) are available for those students whose level is high enough to present them.
We strongly believe that studying in a bilingual, creative, and innovative school makes the difference in a changing world.